Interview with a gay prostitute from France

This is the sample question we asked Françis about his life and how was it to be a gay prostitute and sex movie actor.

How did you become a prostitute?

 I became a prostitute because I always considered the trades of sex as obvious to me. I was fascinated by those who played in x movies and I found it very beautiful. When I saw the first girls in Paris walking on the sidewalk it made me want to do it. I had to test. I quickly learned that in the Bois de Boulogne there was male prostitution

How was the first time?

The first time went very well. I put on a tank top and went to the Bois de Boulogne. Shortly after arriving I had a car that stopped with two guys. They asked me if he could show off naked and enjoy me and play games of various sperms. I accepted. They took me home, and it was very sex and very sperm I was very happy with the performance

How do your sessions work?

Let’s say I did some sidewalks, then minitel, then establishments asked me to work discreetly for them (sauna, sex club, sex shop, each asked me to work differently) but also some kinds of homes then after internet m allowed to have new clients. I went to customers a lot when I had the net. As soon as I came home it quickly went into fuck. If I received, I received entirely naked. I have had clients who have asked me for special outdoor services. I always let clients have the fun they want with my body.

 Is it annoying when it’s time to pay?

No, I always ask that they pay me before except for the establishments where they paid me after. I never prostituted myself for money but for fame. I was never expensive.

What was the fastest session?

A guy who paid me to do nude cleaning but also to fuck me. As soon as I was naked he fucked me and he came immediately. I had more than to do the cleaning !!

Do you ejaculate with each client?

I’m only exclusively passive so it was my clients who enjoyed in me.

What do you do if you don’t find an attractive customer at all?

 I do it of course, it was never a problem for me. This person should be excluded from society because they are not beautiful? this person should not kiss? no of course, he is a man like any other; so he’s a customer like any other.

What does your typical customer look like?

 I didn’t have one, because it was parading in me.

Have you ever fallen in love with a customer?

No never but sympathy yes. I have a client who asked me to pose naked for him with whom I fell in love. I’m still with him.

What is the most tiring part of this kind of work?

 When you walk on the sidewalk it’s waiting for customers. In the establishments it’s the number of guys I made cum inside, I was exhausted.

When a client asked me to sleep at night, it was sometimes complicated in the morning to resume my main work.

Have you ever agreed to have sex without a condom?

Yes, of course it has always been my specialty. When the guys were enjoying in their hoods, I would collect the sperms from the hoods to empty them inside me. For me being a prostitute is to recover the liquid (money) but also the liquids (the sperms of the clients) but most came to enjoy me without a condom.

What are the strangest requests you’ve ever received?

Many customers have asked me to make a lot of guys come after me and then they cum inside me. I had a lot of shows too, especially getting fucked in front of a lot of people.

Have you ever had female clients?

 Oh no !!! I’m gay.

What is the most bizarre experience you have had with a client?

A scat client asked me to poop on him. I did it three times but what a horror !!

Is it difficult to have a romantic relationship when you work as a prostitute?

I didn’t want love, I always ran away from love and preferred sex. For me love is imprisonment.

What are your plans after you finish your time as a prostitute?

I only wanted plans as a prostitute.

Explain to me how is your lifestyle?

I have a normal life, I have a job nearby and my sex and naked jobs are only extra

Are you comfortable with this lifestyle/work?

Yes, for me I find it comfortable, I prostitute myself or do naked jobs when I want sex and when I want to show off

Do you live only at night?

No, I live by the day, sometimes by night but it is especially at the end of the day and weekends that I am asked

How many customers can you make in 24 hours?

The number of customers means nothing. I can have several clients during the day but only one as an establishment with which I will have sex in very large quantities. I would rather work for establishments than to have only one client

Are you thinking of doing something else in your life?

 Yes I don’t do that

What was your most dangerous/scary experience?

I never had one

How difficult is the sex industry?

 Yes she is not recognized, she is clearly pointed out because there are many prostitutes who are forced

What is it like making porn videos?

I signed up on casting sites. Watch out for anarchs. Then I had a lot of requests from individuals and sometimes establishments that I knew for their advertising. But I have had very good experiences.

Are you happy with your body?

 Yes that’s fine, I would not do these jobs if my body was not in harmony

How would you describe your customers?

I don’t have a typical profile because I think I had everything but especially between 30 and 70 years old, a lot of bisexuals, some of whom I made discover gay sex by the escort service. Customers came to enjoy

Have you ever had violent clients?

I never had one

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Interview with a gay prostitute from France
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