Interview with a naked model from France Part Two

Hello, you are a model, how did you find your first naked pose?


I prostituted myself a lot, especially for establishments. One day one of the bosses asked me if I could pose for internships for an artist. I gave my agreement but with certain conditions.

What were the conditions?

The first was that I had to pose exclusively naked, The second was that I presented myself as a passive gay prostitute, the third was that they called me “whore”.

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Did she accept?

Yes, she even had a fake tattoo on my right shoulder marked “whore” that I wore every weekend.

What was the first pose request?

It was to pose for a drawing workshop. It went so well that she asked me to continue posing for other internships. She understood that the more I was put naked in public, the more I was comfortable and that I liked that it was known that I was a prostitute.

Knowing that you were a prostitute, did you have any requests for special poses for drawing workshops?

I noticed that the website was sad. I told her to put photos and videos with the naked model. So I went to his site (a great story). Then I posed naked for open days. It was very interesting because lots of visitors come to see it.

Have you posed for photos?

Of course. This artist took lessons in photo internships but the professor never did nude. She offered my services. The first lesson was catastrophic because everyone, even the teacher, was confused by my nudity. But from the second session of a naked pose, the professor and the photographers had started to work well. So we did poses in the studio and outside. I preferred the outdoors because I was seen by many more people and my nudity did not shock me because it was during a photo session.

What are the outdoor places where you have posed?

I’ve posted a lot of different places and I’ll forget about it. Of course, the poses were done when there were the least people. I was able to put in the street, port, beach, outdoor and underground parking, church, cemetery, scrubland, seaside on rock, forest, countryside, riverside, road or highway, park …

Have you posed for advertising?

Already for the drawing studio, then for sex shops and saunas, but the advertising stayed with them.

Have you ever refused to pose for photos?

Yes for two reasons. For those who asked me to pose but not actually naked, it was necessary to hide the sex or the buttocks, it was not necessary to see nudity. I couldn’t stand this hypocrisy. The second reason is those who asked me to pose for X photos with condoms. I told them that I do porn, not prevention. Prevention is needed, but I used to do porn. So I posed without condoms, with sperms.

You must have a nice photo collection?

No for two reasons. The first I hired my services and I considered it normal that my customers who paid keep the photos. The second reason, the little I received disappeared with bad backups. I have some left but very very little and very classic.

Who did you pose for X photos?

Many for individuals, a little for establishments for their internal advertising.

Have you posed naked for anything else?

Yes for bodypainting (painting on my naked body) for internships but also for public services.

What kinds of paintings were you doing on you?

Any kind, but it was with themes. I’ll give you an example of a public performance. I was painted as a tree, so my legs and torso were the trunks, my arms and my head were the leaves. In my anus, I was asked to put a big tube.

Around a leg, I have put a painted sausage that went into the anus tube. This sausage was painted like a snake. In fact, people saw a snake turn around a tree branch (my leg), enter a hole in the tree, (my open anus), and come out in front (my cock painted in the head of a snake. I to have hidden so that the snake is always horizontal minimum for the evening, so always bandaging). The performance rained enormously.

What are some of the things you didn’t like about the poses?

Cold. I’ll give you an example that I had. I was asked to pose naked in the streets. It had to be done early in the morning to meet as few people as possible and shock as few people as possible. The day before it had not been sunny, nor at night, the day rose with the sun but a cold wind cooled the body. So I left all my clothes and shoes in the car and I walked completely naked in the streets accompanied by the 5 photographers who laughed a lot… It was indeed very pleasant for me to pose naked seeing more and more people who passed by a car or on foot and who looked at the photo session. Very pleasant but very very cold.

Which pose did you like the most?

I would say all I’ll get out It’s a pose during open days of drawing workshops. It was long because it was all day but very nice. People in the streets could see me but they were asked to come in to see the atmosphere, or to draw … When they entered they saw me naked with the inscription on the arm “damn” so they knew I was a prostitute.

Some people in the audience or the trainees could see the inside of my anus because I had a transparent tube in me letting open my anus allowing everyone who was in front to see the inside. Of course, not everyone saw it because it had to be aligned according to the poses with my anus when it was visible. And I made it natural. It was very funny to see the reaction.

What photos or drawings have been missed?

I didn’t see any because the painters or photographers removed them from themselves because they were not happy with their work.

Which photos or drawings did you prefer?

A photo. I was asked to pose for a photo going on the film x packaging for an establishment I was shooting: it was a gang bang.
So, in the end, we took the photo. I have two guys who sodomized me at the same time, I was sitting on their sex, sperm came out of my anus from all the guys who had enjoyed in me, flowed on their sex.

My mouth was open with lots of sperm in the mouth of several guys and with two guys who ended up enjoying in my mouth. Two other sexes were wiping on me. I held sex with my left hand. the other arm was left unnatural downward showing my fake “damn” tattoo on the arm.

I found that this photo summed up my life well. Indeed we saw at a glance thanks to the inscription on the arm that I was a prostitute, they saw me naked of course, that I liked sodomy, blowjobs and that all my clients could enjoy in me. Unfortunately, the cassette and the photo quickly disappeared!

Thank you for answering my questions, we see that you like sex and nudity, would you agree to answer another interview on your naked and sex work?
Yes of course with pleasure.

Part one of the interview

Interview with a naked model from France Part Two
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