How to Clean Sex Toys

Clean sex toys with soap

How to Clean Sex Toys


Sex toys can bring a lot of fun in bed and can spice up intimacy and sex. However, you should know that these nifty little devices can harm you if you don’t take care of them well. There are dangers to the improper use of sex toys, and a big part of this can be avoided by simply cleaning them.

Just like your toothbrush or the dishes and cookware that you use to coo and prepare your food, keeping sex toys clean and sanitary is of utmost importance. This can also be done quite easily if you have the knowledge to do so. Keeping your sex toys clean will ensure their long life and will allow you to enjoy them in much better ways.

Here’s everything that you need to know about cleaning your sex toys, and this will ensure safe and sanitary use each and every time. For the purpose of this article, only sex toys that are inserted into the body will be discussed, although some principles remain the same.

The Importance of Cleaning Sex Toys

Cleaning sex toys has multiple purposes. First and foremost, cleaning your sex toys will free it of debris and other foreign particles that, if inserted into your body, can cause rashes, scrapes, or cuts. You can also get allergic reactions to these foreign bodies if they remain in your sex toy.

Cleaning sex toys will also prolong their life span. Bacteria, bodily fluids, and foreign materials may eat at the surface of the toy, and it can also seep into mechanical parts of the device, rendering it useless. Some materials are also very sensitive to dirt, and these can destroy the fragile surface and texture of your toy.

Perhaps most importantly, cleaning your sex toy can keep you healthy, as this prevents bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other infectious materials from getting into your body. This scenario is not only possible when you are sharing sex toys with a partner, but this can be transferred through your hands and other sources as well.

Some of the most common diseases that you can get from sex toys if they are not cleaned properly may include:

  • Yeast infections
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Shigella
  • Hepatitis
  • Chlamydia
  • Human papillomavirus
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Coli (if used in the anus)

As such, only a few easy steps will allow you to enjoy the many benefits stated above, giving you peace of mind in using your sex toys whenever you want.

What to Consider When Cleaning Sex Toys

There are different ways to clean sex toys, and it will all depend on nature and material that the item is made of. Different materials will require different cleaning methods, and choosing the right way is a must in order to prevent damage to the toy as well as minimize health risks.

The first, and major, thing that you would have to consider is what your sex toy is comprised of. These can be categorized into porous and non-porous. Porous materials require some additional care as liquids and other materials can get into the tiny holes of the item. Examples of these are rubber, Cyberskin, and latex, among others.

Non-porous materials, on the other hand, are less maintenance, although they would still require some rigorous cleaning. Those that are made out of glass, metal, silicone, and plastic are considered to be non-porous.

You should also consider whether your sex toy has electronic parts. Those who vibrate or light up typically have parts that cannot be submerged in water. On the other hand, some toys are waterproof for as long as they are closed properly, and in some cases they still cannot be fully submerged in water.

Cleaning Methods

These are some of the ways that you can clean your sex toys. You may choose which one is most appropriate for you depending on the type of toy that you use.

Wet Washing

Wet washing entails the use of warm water and mild soap in order to clean your toy. Cleaning using this method will be just like cleaning your dishes. Make sure that you are using mild soaps that do not contain fragrance. You can also use antibacterial soaps, but make sure to clean them thoroughly.

This method is best for toys made of non-porous materials such as glass or steel. Take note that, in some cases, those with electronic parts cannot be cleaned using this method.

Dry Washing

Just like wet washing, mild soaps are used when dry washing. However, you would just be using a damp cloth along with the soap in order to gently wipe the surfaces of your toy. This method required especially for those that are made out of sensitive materials.

Take note that, regardless of whether you are wet or dry washing, you should make sure to wipe your toy dry as many bacteria can still thrive on dry surfaces. This is especially true in the case of those made out of porous materials.


Toys made out of silicon, steel, glass, or silicone can survive a few minutes in the dishwasher and they will come out squeaky clean. Just make sure that there are no electronic parts or that they are waterproof. Be careful when using the dryer, though, as some materials can melt when put under this function.

You can refer to the manual or care instructions of your toy with regard to its sensitivity to water or heat.


Boiling is yet another thing that you can do to completely clean and sterilize your sex toy. If your toy can stand being in the dishwasher, then boiling can be an alternative. Boiling effectively kills any bacteria, fungi, or viruses. This is best for toys made out of silicone, Pyrex glass, or metal.

Take note that even if your toy is safe too boil, extreme heat or boiling for too long may deform it. Boiling for about 8 minutes is more than enough to kill germs and other foreign substances. Sex toys with electronic parts most definitely should not be boiled.


If you truly want some deep cleaning, then you may also use bleach or alcohol to wipe your toy. This should be mildly diluted with water so that it would not react too strongly with the surface of your toy. It should also be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water as bleach and alcohol can remain and irritate your skin.

Sex Toy Cleaners

There are also sex toy cleaners that are sold online or wherever sex toys are sold. These come in the form of sprays, usually, and are specifically designed for these types of items. Of course, different types of cleaners will work best for different materials, so be sure to read the labels or ask the store what they would recommend for you.


To ensure 100% sanitation and health safety, it is recommended that you use condoms on your sex toys when it is in use. Using condoms makes cleaning very easy, and it is highly advised for use for non-porous sex toys wherein you may not be able to remove any foreign materials in every nook and cranny.

Using condoms is also very convenient if you use them in your anus and then in your vagina, or your partner’s. You can simply change condoms and commence with no worry of contamination.

Storing Sex Toys

When storing your sex toys, it is recommended that you place them in a cool, dry place. It is also better if they are covered in a clean cloth or any similar material. They should be free from exposure to dirt, dust, fur, or any other foreign materials.

It is also recommended that you clean your sex toys before use in order to ensure sanitation. On the other hand, there are products specifically designed for storing sex toys, and some even come with UV light features so that you can be sure that all bacteria and viruses are killed while providing your sex toys with safe and secure storage.


Using sex toys can definitely add to the experience when doing something intimate in the bedroom. Whether using it on your own or with a partner, however, safety precautions must always be undertaken. As such, proper cleaning and storage is always a must.

Some experts also recommend cleaning your sex toy before use. This is to ensure that, regardless of your storage method, these toys are safe to use. Cleaning your hands before handling these types of toys are also strongly advised.

With proper cleaning methods, you can safely enjoy your sex toys. They will last longer and look better as well.

How to Clean Sex Toys
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